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How to increase the LG Nexus 4 speaker volume to maximum? LG Nexus 4speaker is not loud enough for you even on default maximum volume?

I found this volume mod over at xda-developers posted by Misledz. This mod will increase ALL volume of your LG Nexus 4, across the entire phone: ringtone, music, notifications, loudspeaker sound, ear speaker sound, in-call volume, and headset.


  1. Copy zip to Internal Storage
  2. Boot to custom recovery
  3. Install zip from sdcard
  4. Reboot
  5. Choose EIZO ReWire PRO under Settings > Sound > Music Effects
  6. Note: If you do not have the "Music Effects" submenu then EIZO should be enabled by default since it’s the only DSP present.


NexusLouderV1Beta2 This is the latest release, 7% Volume boost with a massive dose of bassgasm. With over 70% fixes and eargasm.

If you are not on V1Beta1 or higher, it is recommend you install it over a fresh flash of your current ROM. If you just flashed over the old patch, you need to reflash your ROM and reapply the patch to ensure the installer can make correct backups of your untouched system files.

So as usual if this mod blows out your speaker you are using at your own risk.


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