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For those who feel your AT&T LG G2 is not loud enough to hear the ringtone on a crowded place, here is a guide from XDA forum to increase the speaker volume.


  • A rooted AT&T LG G2. Check out our rooting tutorial.
  • Install a good root file explorer app from the market (such as ES File Explorer)

How to Boost AT&T LG G2 Volume:

  1. Open a root explorer app and navigate to the /system/etc/snd_soc_msm folder. Here you will find the original volume configuration file for your phone. Backup the “snd_soc_msm_Taiko” file by copying and pasting them to the external storage. You can later restore the original volume settings by restoring the files to the folder.
  2. Open this file with a text editor. I prefer "920 text editor" from the play store.
  3. Find this code:
    • SectionDevice
      Name "Speaker"
      Comment "Speaker Rx device"
      ‘SLIM RX1 MUX’:0:AIF1_PB
      ‘SLIM_0_RX Channels’:0:eek:ne
      ‘RX7 MIX1 INP1’:0:RX1
      ‘RX7 Digital Volume’:1:60
      ‘SPK DRV Volume’:1:90
      ‘SPK DAC Switch’:1:1
      ‘RX7 HPF cut off’:0:MIN_3DB_150Hz
  4. "60" is the stock gain for the speaker.
    ‘RX7 Digital Volume’:1:60
  5. Change "60" to a number of your liking
  6. Save the file with the default file name and copy back to the following directory: /system/etc/snd_soc_msm
  7. When the file is copied, set its permission to rw-r–r– using the file explorer.
  8. Reboot your phone. Done!

Now you should experience enhanced and louder speaker volume on your AT&T LG G2.

In case you feel the volume too loud for you, you can edit the volume values yourself.

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