How to boost or increase headphone and speaker volume on LG G3

For those who feel your LG G3 is not loud enough to hear the ringtone on a crowded place, here is a guide from XDA forum to increase the headphone and speaker volume.


  • A rooted LG G3. Check out our rooting tutorial.
  • Install a good root file explorer app from the market (such as ES File Explorer)
  • Text Editor

How to Boost LG G3 Volume:

  1. Open a root explorer app and navigate to the /system/etc/ folder.
  2. Here you will find the original volume configuration file for your phone. Backup the original “mixer_paths_qcwcn.xml” (D855) or “mixer_paths.xml” (D851) file by copying and pasting them to the external storage. You can later restore the original volume settings by restoring the files to the folder.
  3. Open “mixer_paths_qcwcn.xml” (D855) or “mixer_paths.xml” (D851) with a text editor.
  4. change this green value to your liking:imageimage


Now you should experience enhanced and louder speaker volume on your LG G3.

In case you feel the volume too loud for you, you can edit the volume values yourself.

Source: XDA

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