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Below are some tutorials on how to backup various things on your LG Renoir before you flash with a new firmware. LG Phone Problem and Solution

How to backup installed games, saves and apps:

This will save all games and applications including any current progress/settings saved. Simply go to LGAPP>Media>Java within EFS explorer and copy the ‘ams’ folder. After flashing open up EFS again and replace the ‘ams’ folder with the one you backed up.

Audio calibrations made using the service menu (3845#*910#):

First load up EFS explorer and providing you have already saved some changes to the audio calibration settings you should see a folder in the root called ‘lg_audio_cal’. Enter this and you should have a folder ‘sndcal’. Simply copy this (or the individual files within for your chosen settings which are pretty easy to pick out by their names) then restore it after a flash. Remember though that this folder will NOT appear in EFS unless you have saved settings since you flashed so to get around this after a flash just quickly enter the service menu by ringing 3845#*910# and choose the option ‘Write SND DB to EFS’ from with the sound calibration options, you do not need to change any settings.

Additions to your dictionary (T9):

If like me you like to add all your tx slang and explicit words to the T9 dictionary and get annoyed when you have to enter them again when you come to use them after a flash simply backup the ‘T9’ folder and all its contents at LGAPP>Media>WISE and then restore this after after your flash. LG-Renoir info

How to backup Settings and messages (credit to g.lewarne for this one):

If you want to backup settings you have altered (including photos for contacts) and your messages just open your LG Renoir in EFS explorer and make a copy of LGAPP>RecMngr.bin and once you have flashed your LG Renoir copy this back to the phone to restore the above. This however will only work if you are flashing to a firmware that has the same base version.

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