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This guide instructs you on how to replace the stock "Fun Animations", on your LG Voyager, with Flash clocks or wallpapersLG Phone Problem and Solution

1. Go to and download the latest official version. Currently 1.0.6
2. Once Bitpim is installed, run it and plug in your LG Voyager.
3. Click OK when Bitpim says it has detected your LG Voyager.
4. In the far left window of Bitpim you will see a menu (Basically, this is your phone), click on Filesystem.
5. This will open a middle window with a folder icon. Click on the + sign to expand that folder. It might take a couple of seconds to open, as it is reading your phone.
6. Click on the + next to the folder labeled Flash.
7. Click on the + next to the folder labeled UI.
8. Click on the folder labeled Wallpapers.The window on the right will now show all the stock "Fun Animations" currently on your phone.
9. Right click on these one at a time and save them all to a folder somewhere on your computer. The files that end with sub.swf are external wallpapers and the ones that end in main.swf are the internal ones.
10.Right click on the wallpaper you wish to replace and click on overwrite. Select the Flash clock or wallpaper you have saved on your computer, (make sure that you have unzipped it, and it shows as an swf file) and click open. This will replace the stock animation with your custom one. You do not have to rename your files before overwriting the ones on the LG Voyager.

Try to remember which number wallpaper you overwrite, because they will still have their stock names when viewed on the phone. If it’s wallpaperType3Sub.swf then it will show up as the third wallpaper down in the "Fun Animations" menu on the phone.

To display these, on your phone go to Menu/Settings & Tools/Display Settings/Wallpaper/Internal or External/Fun Animations and then choose the corresponding wallpaper that you replaced, and press set. LG-Voyager info

If you need to restore the original wallpapers, simply redo these steps, but replace your custom swf files with the stock ones that you backed up earlier in this guide.  

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