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The gPhone theme v3.0b for LG Vu is available now, it is a major update to gPhone. LG-Vu info

Below is a feature list of the things that have been added and updated. Probably the most significant is doubling the number of pages of icons from 4 pages to 8 pages, the support for Widgets and Flash Apps and the gPhone Simulator. I feel that the support of these functions can greatly expand the use of the phone as theme development winds down.

gPhone 3.0 supports the widgets concept and approach that DemonicHawk has developed for the Android theme (thanks DH) where small application programs are loaded with the theme. They may take the form of an enhanced clock or a more complex program. A thread on this site is devoted to the development of widgets. You will find more information about them here and some other Widgets here. Clock widgets from DemonicHawk (Android theme) are included.

Flash Apps
gPhone 3.0 also support Flash Apps where only the app’s icon is loaded when the theme is loaded.  Pressing the icon then loads and runs the program. Many programs of this nature have been developed for the iPhone, BlackBerry and other phones. There will also be a thread on this site devoted to the development of Flash Apps.

gPhone Simulator
With the Simulator, you can run the gPhone Theme from within a web browser on your computer. You use a mouse instead of touching the phone’s screen with your finger. All gPhone screens can be accessed, including the Configuration screen and Icon Layout screen just like you would on the phone. If you make any changes to the configuration or icon layout, the ‘config.xml’ or ‘menu.xml’ file is generated that includes your changes. It is placed on the systems clipboard for you to use in a text editor. Then, open a text editor like Notepad, paste the clipboard contenents onto a new document and save it as ‘config.xml’ or ‘menu.xml’ to the gPhone directory and your phone.

With this feature, you can easily customize the phone’s configuration on your computer, easily try various page layouts and display options and easily create the necessary supporting files.

Other Stuff
See the gPhone v3.0 Feature List or Documentation for instructions on using the gPhone Simulator.
Other enhancements and new or updated features include: (1) Up to 8 pages of icons, (2) page transition display styles (Explode Page, Explode Icons, Fade, Unfold, and Split), (3) enhancements to some of graphics and icons (i.e., Calendar icon now shots todays date, icon selection highlights, date/time color, data/time background, top bar transparency, and others you will have to find), (4) updated configuration screens, (5) Enhanced ‘Reset’ features (load  an updated menu or configuration file without reloading the theme), (6) wallpaper enhancements (fade transition to the next image, can display swf or jpg files, file name format can be configured (i.e., back#swf, wp#jpg, #jpg), 25 new Hubble wallpaper images for a total of 85 images), (7) smoother scrolling and scrolling can be turned off.

I hope you like the changes and new stuff I’ve added to the theme. This should just about wrap up the development on the gPhone theme. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve though. The gPhoneDialpad will be done sometime and I’ll probably do an app or two. I have my eye on some apps on the iPhone web site which should not be too hard to turn into a flash application; nothing as hard or time consuming as theme and a lot simpler. For those interested, gPhone 3.0 is now approaching 4000 lines of code.

The fishing isn’t too good this time of year so maybe I’ll kick back and work on the tan a little.

Anyway, I hope you like it. Later…..

Download Files
There are 4 zip files that contain the program files, 3 are for new installations based on the phone model, and the 4th is to update an existing gPhone theme folder. The update can be used for all phone models.

Note: The update does not contain the config.xml or menu.xml files. Installing the update will not overwrite your current menu & config files, however, some of the new configuration options will not be available. Refer to ‘config3.xml’ for these new parameters.

If you have not made any changes to the config.xml or menu.xml files or if you want to start with a fresh configuration, use the file. Otherwise, use the file if you have made changes and want to keep them.



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Good that they support flash apps!

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