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I’m using the "regular" Google Maps with the attached JAD, which ought to grab the binary from Google’s site, assuming you download the JAD from somewhere that uses the right MIME type.  MMS-ing to your LG Xenon might work too. LG-Xenon info

Since this is the non-touchscreen version, you can’t tap-and-drag the map, and touchscreen input only works in certain locations (limited to the native touchscreen functions, which is why UseNativeCommands is set true)
Use the Arrow keys to scroll the map and navigate menus
Vol Up/Down to zoom out/in
Enter to "click" the map or select from menus (or you can tap the left/right soft buttons)
Sym or Backspace to back out (or you can tap the appropriate soft button)

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I found the touchscreen version floating around, but since it’s just a JAR without a JAD, there’s no signature and it prompts on every network access, which is very, very, annoying – and the only functional difference between it and my non-touch configuration is the touchscreen version can tap-and-drag on the map and do menu selections via touchscreen.

Note: This is a good example of how a Java Mobile (J2ME) app can use parameters for additional key mapping.  For example, notice the SelectKey, LeftSoftKey, RightSoftKey, etc parameters.  I changed the following mappings in the JAD above so…
Vol Up/Down buttons zoom
Enter is Select
Backspace is Back
Sym is Clear
Left/Right soft keys are mapped properly
Send (green phone) key is Talk, though I have not seen what the Talk function is used for yet.

If you want, you can set UseNativeMenus to true and you will be able to tap the menu selections.  The problem is, the menus get drawn bigger using the native menu, which involves way more scrolling, so I opted for losing the touch and having the menus fit on the screen better.

Setting UseNativeCommands to False will have the app draw the bottom commands (Menu, Close/Select, etc) but since the touchscreen input doesn’t work, you can’t actually trigger them.

Credit: bhiga

Google Map App for LG Xenon Download link:

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google map is good for visit my city

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