Get music on the LG Versa

Step by step to get music on your LG Versa:   LG Phone Problem and solution

1. download the LG Versa usb modem driver to your PC (LGUSBModemDriver.exe), then run it.  LG-Versa info

2. After that, open my music and click sync. wait for a moment and press END or CLR to exit. Now you can sync digital media files to your LG Versa using windows media player.

3. to put music on the device, you can drag music to the sync list to the right and click start sync in windows media player. after its done, click end on the phone and see if you have the music.

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16 thoughts on “Get music on the LG Versa”

  1. i just got the LG Versa 9600 and i dont know how to put music on it. it will not let me downlaod it on my computre so i went to a friends and hers is new and it will not work there either, WHAT DO I DO. Please help.
    Ohh and my bro got a Samsung Omnia and he dont know how to put songs on that either can someone please help us.?

  2. I also downloaded the USB driver and then tried to sync music to my phone from media player. The problem is that it won’t sync unless you have a microSD card in your phone.

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