Game Pad Module for LG Versa?

What an interesting news for LG Versa! The LG Versa was built to be modular after all. It’s just that the only module we’ve seen so far is the QWERTY keyboard. The gaming module isn’t made by LG, but by a third-party. The game pad module might be launched as soon as April 1. LG-Versa info

LG Versa game pad module photos LG Cell phone pictures



The LG Versa’s game pad module will features:  LG Cell phone news

  • innovative snap on controler & slider design
  • easy controls for better mobile gaming
  • 8-way directional keypad
  • multi-press key function
  • no batteries required

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3 thoughts on “Game Pad Module for LG Versa?”

  1. It would be great if either Lg or a third party would design a slider qwerty keyboard for the Versa.

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