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Free LG Games Download Links: Updated 09/06/09 


Free LG Games – Magic Bubble Download: The free LG Games – Magic Bubble combines action and puzzle. You must align bubbles to make combination and make new highscores. As soon as at least 3 bubbles ot same color are connected.


Free LG Games – Halma Sharp Download: The object of the free LG game– Halma Sharp is to move your pieces to the opponent’’s corner. Powerful Artificial Intelligence game Engine. 14 Predefined starting positions and random positions generated on the fly. Three difficulty levels. Unlimited undo and hints.


Free LG Java Games – Age Of Heroes IV: Their forests were burnt, the Great Tree, cut by orcs’ axes, have been dying slowly. The few, who survived, run with their god to other world through the portals opened by priests


This package includes about 20 games: Age of Empires 2, Sudoku Platinum, Maha Touch, Cake Mania, FIFA Manager 08, PubMania, SWAT Force, Teddy Factory and more.


Angels & Demons: How to Play The player controls the cursor to select and jump pegs to try and reach each level’s goal. Like-element pegs (earth, air, fire, water) can be lined up and cleared in a single jump.




Monopoly Here and Now:




Web Browser Flash Games:




Assassins Creed:


A package includes 52 fullscreen java games:


Motion game:,


Sonic the hedgehog part 1:


Sonic the hedgehog part 2:


The Oregon Trail:




The Fast And The Furious Fugitive:


This package includes more than 160 games:


Nine flash games:


Air Fightter 4:


Par 72 Golf:


Snow Bros: