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Here I introduce you a good software, zaDesktop Terminal Server Client which enables you to remote desktop with windows XP and LG eXpo windows mobile phone. (haven’t tested on windows7). LG Cell Phone Software

Something you need pay attention to in when using the zaDesktop on your LG eXpo:

  • verified the computer name, user name, retrived the ip from network settings
  • Enabled port forwarding on your router to your pc. the port is usually 3389.
  • Opened port 3389 on your pc’s firewall
  • If you are on your local netowork then the address is yourlocalip:3389. I assume you knowb where to find yourlocalip of your pc
  • If you are not on your network then you should be using yourpublicip:3389

To download the Free Remote Desktop App for LG eXpo:

This application may work on other LG windows mobile phone like LG Incite, you could have a try, good luck. LG-eXpo info

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