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Free LG Java Game – Age of Heroes IV Blood and Twilight Description:

Elves lost their war.

Their forests were burnt, the Great Tree, cut by orcs’ axes, have been dying slowly. The few, who survived, run with their god to other world through the portals opened by priests, and those who didn’t want to run, covered their leaving brothers retreat, and fought in their final battle on the ashes of holy groves. LG Cell Phone Software

Only six of them left, when the portals closed forever, – six of the best warriors and magicians, leaded by queen’s sister, distraught with grief and rage. Leaving behind heaps of dead orcs’ bodies, they retreated to vaults under the Holy Forest – to ancient elven necropolis, and rained down doorways on the heads of their pursuers.

And they stayed alone without any food and water, doomed to slow death. The magic of elven gone god have been abandoning their bodies and souls, leaving only wrenching emptiness.

Two days they wandered in catacombs, among tombs, bones and ancient dust. They were led by revenge lust and Thialin’s vision – elven queen’s sister and the last great priest – keened by centuries of magician practice, this vision showed her the source of power, hidden in the depths of necropolis.

On the second day, when they walk through the graves of elven kings and priests, through caves and ruined gnomes’ tombs, they reach corridors didn’t seen by anyone for a thousands of years. Here, among the crypts of the race – so ancient that time didn’t saved their name, in the tunnels excised by signs of unknown language, they saw a temple.

It’s halls kept signs of cruel battle, and in the center stood columns, covered with glowing symbols. Here they found water, and for three days more Voledar – expert of ancient texts, have been reading to his friends Book of Emptiness; with his every word falling into the darkness, hope was leaving elves.

They’ve got to know about the nation, betrayed by it’s own gods, the race, drawn its magic from indifferent emptiness lying outside the death.

And they’ve got to know of Ritual.

Till this moment the magic completely left them and the power of the Great Tree flew out of their bodies along with life, as from cracked pitcher. Deep, under masses of rocks and tombs of their kings, six elves held their final council of war. They spoke for a long time, but then they were silent much longer – because the decision was made and only the one step left.

The first was Thialin – and the arches of the temple shook with the sound of ancient prayer, and the dust rose above altars. One after another they repeated words letting death enter the living soul – and killed themselves in the hall with columns, keeping the secret. With the last of them, all sounds left from crypts, and above, in the forests the frame of the Great Tree shook – because there were no Children of the Tree in the world anymore, and spirits of the last ones were walking now through bloody emptiness of Ritual.

Three days more they were dead – and then they rose.

Free LG Java Game – Age of Heroes IV Blood and Twilight Pictures

Age Of Heroes IV


Free LG Java Game – Age of Heroes IV Blood and Twilight Features

  • Now heroes don’t travel alone, but in parties. All heroes have unique set of skills and ability to pass to another class;
  • Ability to choose the sex and the class of hero;
  • Unique armies and racial skills of the Undead. 15 new units, majority of them have special characteristics;
  • Yet again battle system is renewed. Battles become more dynamic, new tactical abilities are added, the balance of the armies had changed;
  • Magical system has been changed. Magic plays great role in the battle, some conjurations have great destructive effect;
  • Magic of illusions appeared in the game, allowing to take enemy’s troops under control, and make your troops invisible;
  • The heroes vision on the strategic map is limited by the “Fog of war”;
  • For using of magic and raising of new troops soul stones are used, derivable from killed enemies;
  • Enemies with demonic, elemental and holy magic withstand heroes;
  • Units-magicians (as liches) will be able to use magic by themselves;
  • Lots of new artifacts and necessary objects;
  • Interface is reworked and improved, interactive cursor is added, decorative appearance is completely changed;
  • Graphics is completely reworked and improved – new land, forests, caves and ice deserts are waiting for you;
  • Exciting not linear story with two possible endings, lots of different tasks and quests;
  • Communication between heroes in the party, talks with enemies and friends – more than 40 kilobytes of the text.

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