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Snake, along with pong is one of the older games ever; here is a free version for LG GM750 LaylaLG Cell Phone Games

Your goal is to eat all "food" blocks as possible and don’t touch the border or any obstacles including the snake body itself. The snake will increase its size after eating a fruit so keep that in mind. Snake comes with 10 levels and you have a password each time you end a level so you don’t have to start from level 1 every time.

Free LG GM750 Layla PocketSnake Game rules:

  • Use the arrow keys or stylus to control the snake.
  • Eat the blocks to make snake grow.
  • Avoid going off the screen or hitting your own tail.

Free LG GM750 Layla PocketSnake Game Download Link

Free LG GM750 Layla PocketSnake Game Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures

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