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Here are some games for LG prada and LG Viewty ..
Installation: LG Cell phone games
Connect your LG Phone via USB Cable.
In the Internet Explorer, you see the Phone and Card Storage
Go to one of them (better to the Card )
Go to the Folder"Others"
Copy your Games to this direction
Disconnect your Phone
Go to Your Files ==>Others
Choose or Game Installation File, Left Button and install
Follow the Screen
You’ll Find your Games in "Games" "Downloaded"

Game Menues: In the Game Menues, just Click on the point you want. In some games, you go up/down a point by clicking the top or bottom of the Screen.
Normally you don’t need the virtual keys.

Age of Empires 2
Sudoku Platinum
Maha Touch
Cake Mania
FIFA Manager 08
SWAT Force
Teddy Factory
Theme Park Tycoon
Yeti Sports 8
All the Games shuld run with touchscreen support, but not all of them are tested…
Tested and running:
Maha Touch
Age of Empires
Theme Park Tycoon
SWAT Force
In the games, often you can choose the direction for go/drive by clicking the screen at the left/right side
So have fun with the games..=)

Click the link to download: http://www.noeman.org/gsm/other-phones-games-applications/81222-touchscreen-games-lg-prada-lg-viewty-ku990.html

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