Free LG Games – Angels & Demons

Free LG Games – Angels & Demons:

Help Robert Langdon stop the Illuminati amd save the Vatican! Solve puzzles based on the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water in order to uncover clues that move Robert along the Path of Illumination, culminating in an explosive ending! LG Cell phone games

Free LG Games – Angels & Demons Insstructions:
How to Play The player controls the cursor to select and jump pegs to try and reach each level’s goal. Like-element pegs (earth, air, fire, water) can be lined up and cleared in a single jump. Anti-matter and marble pegs can be single-jumped. Illuminati pegs can also be single-jumped, but only when their eye is closed.

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Free LG Games – Angels & Demons Key Features:
-Series of Peg solitaire puzzles – each puzzle has a unique layout and individual goal
-Story is based off the bestselling book and upcoming blockbuster movie!
-Solve each puzzle to uncover the clue that will lead Robert Langdon to his next location
-Incredible visual effects when complicated "jumps" are completed
-Cutting Edge Graphics
-Different types of pegs, each with different characteristics add twists to the gameplay
-Perfect for the puzzle fan; unlock challenge mode for even more puzzles

It works great on LG KE990/LG KF240/LG KF350/LG KF700/LG KM500.

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