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LG eXpo Software – Calendar for PokeP 2.02 description

Calendar for PokeP 2.02 is Today Plugin to display a calendar on Today screen.  Features are as follows:

  • Works with Calendar application which comes with LG eXpo (Windows mobile 5/6).  When you tap a date, WM5/6 Calendar application for that particular day will be launched.  LG Cell Phone Software
  • You can change UI between English and Japanese (requires Japanese font). 
  • You can switch between USA holidays and Japanese Holidays.  You can also turn off Holiday display. LG-eXpo info
  • For other countries, you can modify text file (calep1.txt, calep2.txt, or calep3.txt.  They are installed in ‘¥Program Files¥calendar_for_pokeP’ folder) to have ‘Calendar for PokeP’ display holidays for your country.
  • Calendar for PokeP supports Holidays upto year 2100.

To Download LG eXpo Software – Calendar for PokeP 2.02

LG eXpo Software – Calendar for PokeP 2.02 Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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