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Today I installed the free game KSE Reversi on my LG eXpo and it woks perfectly. So here I share the download link to you if you are looking for it. Hope it helps,  enjoy. LG Cell Phone Games

Free LG eXpo Game KSE Reversi Description:

Reversi (also known as Othello) is a demanding territory game and since 1950 it has been one of the favourite games with traditional board game players. The rules of Reversi are more straightforward than many other board games. However, easily learned doesn’t mean easily played. It’s like the old motto, "one minute to learn, but a lifetime to master!" LG-eXpo info

Just install the free version and there you go! At all times the detailed online help offers you the necessary support, which you need to play the game.

To download the free LG eXpo Game KSE Reversi

Free LG eXpo Game KSE Reversi Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



How to install the game to your LG eXpo

  • Download the game to your PC
  • Connect your phone and PC (using the connection synchronisation program)
  • Double-click the file
  • Enter the DRM Code

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