Free LG enV Touch Themes Download

Free LG enV Touch Themes Download

  1. Verizon LG enV Touch – Red & Orange Theme
  2. Verizon LG enV Touch – Teal Theme Download
  3. Verizon LG enV Touch – Green Theme Download
  4. Verizon LG enV Touch Theme – iPhone Theme Beta 2
  5. Verizon LG enV Touch Theme – Retro Mario

Free Verizon LG enV Touch Theme instructions

1. Make sure you have the latest version of BitPim
2. Manually set your enV Touch to the Voyager profile in BitPim
3. Browse to this location in the file system: /flash/ui/menu/
4. In there, there will be a file named "topSclassType1Sub.swf"*
5. Right click on the file name and click "Overwrite"
6. Browse to one of the themes included in this archive with the same name
7. Click on the file and then click OK
8. It will then replace the file
9. Restart the phone right after and make sure you have the theme set to Blue Inspiration.
10. Voila! Now when you click on the menu icon you will see your new theme.
*If you want you can also save a backup of the old theme just in case you want to switch back.

Free Verizon LG enV Touch Theme Photos

Red and Orange Theme Preview iPhone Theme Preview Green Theme Preview Teal Theme Preview

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  1. I am not seeing how to do step 6. I have done everything up to this point, but when I click “override” it opens a GIANT file and I have no idea what I am supposed to click on or where I am supposed to look.

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