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LG Arena applications – Browsers:

  1. Opera Mini  – The most popular mini browser out there for now. Very fast. Download Link
  2. Opera Mini (Full Screen – No D-Pad) – Download Link
  3. UCweb – Not really heard off  in Europe + America. Mainly used by folks in China. Decent browser Tabbing. Although new update seems to be having problems. Download Link

LG Arena applications – Maps / GPS Software:

  1. Google Maps Mobile – Free, simple, not the best but people are familiar with google products. Download link
  2. amAze Gps Navigation – Free. Download link

LG Arena applications – Messaging Software (msn/yahoo/etc)

  1. Nimbuzz – Works with Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and more. Download Link
  2. Just Yahoo – Download link
  3. ebuddy – (Info) – Chat online with friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk and MySpace IM. Download Link

LG Arena applications – Misc

  1. Snaptu – Transport, Live scores, Picasa, Seat wave (tickets), Weather, News, Facebook, Twitter even sudoku. Download Link
  2. Gooer – Remote access your computer from IE/Firefox/Safari/Chrome or mobile device via a secure, private connection (shareware) Free for 7 Days… Download Link

LG Arena applications – Video

  1. XMedia Recode – Converting Video for the Phone. Website in German, but easy to navigate. Download Link

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