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LG Viewty Smart Game – FIFA Manager 08 is a very good managerial game. It is very detailed in transfers and matches. One of the best managerial games I have seen for mobile phones. Must have for any football fans. LG Cell Phone Games

To Download the FIFA Manager 08

LG Viewty Smart Game – Guitar Rock Tour is designed for the LG Cookie, but it works on LG Viewty Smart as well.

To Download the Guitar Rock Tour

LG Viewty Smart Game – Night at the Museum 2 is an action-infused adventure game, you view the action from a top-down perspective, although it’s given an isometric slant to make the visuals look prettier.

To Download the Night at the Museum 2

LG Viewty Smart Game Pub Mania: I really liked this game. It’s full of nice features and the graphics are really neat.

To Download the Pub Mania

LG Viewty Smart Game Assassins Creed works on the touchscreen phone with the screen dimensions of 240 x 400. I went ahead and tried this game on my LG Cookie, and it works without any problems. So I guess it works on other LG phones as well, you may have a try.

To Download the Assassins Creed

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