Free Flash Games on the LG Voyager Part 1

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What you will need:  LG Cell phone Software

  1. A LG Voyager
  2. A data cable (the voyager comes with one)
  3. A computer with a usb port, and capable of running Bitpim (there are builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  4. USB Drivers – on the disc that came with your phone, or on Verizon’s website at:
  5. Bitpim – free download

OK! Enough with the intro stuff, let’s get started. LG Phone Problem and solution

Free Flash Games on the LG Voyager Step 1:

Get your phone connected to Bitpim. This is beyond the scope of this tutorial, and is REALLY easy to do. Install the drivers, launch Bitpim, connect the phone. Done.

Free Flash Games on the LG Voyager Step 2:

Open the filesystem view by clicking on “filesystem” in the left hand pane (underneath t9 editor).. if you don’t have an icon there, click on view, and check the option for “filesystem”.

Browse to the following path: /flash/ui/tools



Here you see the swf files for your EZ Tip calc and your World Clock.

See the two variations of each? sub and main? sub is your front screen and main is your inside screen. For this example, let’s work with ezTipType1sub.swf which is the tip calculator on the outside screen.

MAKE A BACKUP of your file by right clicking it and choosing save. Save it in a safe place.




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