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Warning: By following this tutorial (flashing your LG Arena), you accept all responsibility for the damage that may be caused following this procedure!! However I promise that you won’t take any risk if you complete all the steps as I given below. LG Phone Problem and solution

It’s only tested on Windows XP!!  LG-Arena info

flashing your LG Arena – step by step:

1. Install LG PC Suite and the modem drivers. Make sure the add/remove programs list shows
    LG MC USB Modem Driver
    LG USB Modem driver
    LG GSM Device Driver

2. Connect your phone to the computer and select PC Suite Mode.

3. Extract the contents of (click here to download) into your C: drive such that
   the path of the folder will be C:/LG-Utils/

4. Place the firmware (click here to download) you have downloaded into your C: drive.

5. Install B2CAppSetup.exe (click here to download and make sure your internet connection is on)

6. Go to C:/LG-Utils and run KP500-Utils-EN.exe


7. A DOS Window will appear.
    Type: I
    Phone Model: KM900
    File(.CAB): (Change this to whatever firmware you have downloaded)
    Version (SW Version): V10G_00 (Again change this to the firmware you have downloaded without the .cab in the end)

8. A window will appear. Select the following options
    Choose Country: Other
    Language: English

9. Click update.

LG Update screen will be overlaid and all information with regard to connection to phone, unpacking of files, transfer to phone, etc are all displayed in the bottom scrolling window. If all goes well your LG Arena will reboot on completion and a message will also be displayed for end of connection. Press Q to quit LG Utils under command window. Enjoy!!

If you have some problems with the error at the end of the firmware flash, for me this problem resolved itself after I reset the computer, factory reset the phone, and then re-flashed again with the same firmware.  After these steps, the firmware flash completed without error. By the way, this was using a .cab file, the updated does not seem to work with the .kdz files.

Tips on flashing your LG Arena Firmware:

1) Always backup your phone using the PCSuite!
2) Use the LGMobile upgrader to upgrade!
3) Do a Factory Reset from the Service Menu after the upgrade.
4) Restore from your backup!!

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Megha on 11 December, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

Hi i have a LG KM900 device with me i want to update the firmware using 10p i found the .kdz file for 10p but above steps are not work with the .kdz so please tell me the solution for this problem…

Jonni on 26 November, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

That’s a slick answer to a challenging quesotin

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