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Fix the LG Dare looping Verizon logo – Extra Note: LG-Dare info

write down your MIN(Mobile identification number)
and if you would like for more convience your ESN MEID + phone number etc..

then write this information back after the reset using a program like cdma workshop or as a alternative for writing the esn
Review the post below made by goldentorch22 again thanks for clearing that up

This happened to me after trying to do internet and mms
and i’ve seen posts on alot of forums trying to get this fixed and saying people were charging $100 to fix, ridiculous
to fix this your going to need-
-Your LG Dare
-It’s Data cable
you can find a download fairly easy i know there was a recent lab post i did this with store version so lab should do excellent
-Your computer able to download some files


Fix the LG Dare looping Verizon logo: LG Phone Problem and solution

so here we go first grab your phone hold down
camera,call,mic/clear,and cancel/power button (start holding power button last

You will get a downloading screen it wont download itll just sit there
then connect it to the computer
get the dll and bin which you can get from humpa

Then load up LGNPST
its only going to give you recovery so load in the dll and bin
it’ll be about 7 minates till it finishes

then you’ll get a service required screen from here 90% of you will know what to do but just to help a few lost souls
you need a scr file (well some might not need but still) search the forum i know a cricket one is in the threads list at the momment should be able to find for verizon,metro pcs, etc..

then last but not least load in your .prl
you could google but you might be able to find it elsewhere….
with some @ removal

the only downside to this is you’ll have to redo your esn depending on your provider it may be free you can try the LG ESN changer i saw but i haven’t had any luck with it if you do get the esn changer though just call up your provider support say you need your current phone esn for "reference

anyways hoped i’ve helped some people and saved some $100

Credit climertech

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Verizon LG Phones - LG Cell Phones Blog on 4 August, 2009 at 11:18 pm #

[…] Fix LG Dare looping Verizon logo […]

joe zack on 1 May, 2010 at 6:13 pm #

after flashing getting this massege use genue batter the phone is shutting off any idea ty………..
flashing from telus to verizon??????????

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