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What is the fastboot?

The fastboot utiity is part of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).  It allows to change of the boot target and therefore is often used to install custom boot-loader (TWRP, clockworkmod, etc.) and ROMs. Its couterpart, adb, can be used to boot your LG Android smartphone into fastboot mode.

LG Android smartphone Drivers (ADB and Fastboot) Download:

What is the fastboot commands?

usage: fastboot [ <option> ] <command>

update <filename>                                reflash device from
flashall                                                  flash boot + recovery + system
flash <partition> [ <filename> ]              write a file to a flash partition
erase <partition>                                   erase a flash partition
format <partition>                                  format a flash partition
getvar <variable>                                  display a bootloader variable
boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ]                  download and boot kernel
flash:raw boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ]    create bootimage and flash it
devices                                                  list all connected devices
continue                                                 continue with autoboot
reboot                                                    reboot device normally
reboot-bootloader                                   reboot device into bootloader
help                                                       show this help message

-w                                                         erase userdata and cache
-s <serial number>                                 specify device serial number
-p <product>                                          specify product name
-c <cmdline>                                          override kernel commandline
-i <vendor id>                                        specify a custom USB vendor id
-b <base_addr>                                     specify a custom kernel base address
-n <page size>                                      specify the nand page size. default: 2048

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