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I was just able to turn on tethering on the LG Nitro HD. Basically i did the following. Thanks to kkernaghan7 sharing the methods. LG Android Phones

Things you will need:

  • Rooted LG Nitro HD (How)
  • Root explorer app (paid)
  • Sqlite editor (paid – root explorer will direct you to it)

Now go to this directory with root explorer:


(You will have an option to open it with the internal viewer or SQLite editor, choose SQLite editor)

Select secure

Now locate tether_entitlement_check_state and change the value to 0 then save and reboot.

Now you can use the built in wifi tethering without the pop-up saying that you don’t have a tethering plan. LG-Nitro-HD info

NOTE: You will need root access for this to work. Hope this helps you guys out.

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