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This is an great article about Editing LG Voyager Firmware which was posted on LG Voyager forum.. LG Phone Problem and Solution
Well after a lot of searching I finally found a way to extract all of the pictures and sounds from the firmware. I am going to upload them so that you guys can have a look see. And if anyone with any knowledge wants to help me here…That would be great.
I just looked at the dare firmware and it looks like it is far more customizable. It seems like everything is in there, including the lock and unlock symbols. LG-Voyager info
Holy S*** I Just Uploaded A Firmware With Custom Images
IF you look at the images I uploaded you may notice that 00100[190x44x8BPP].png has a scribble over the minus zoom. I uploaded that and it worked.
I used the program MultiExtractor It is not freeware…so you will have to acquire however you see fit. It will create a right click option to extract the parts of a file. Then you just save one of the images, edit it, and replace it then upload the firmware like normal. And yes. there is a lot of useless stuff in the firmware
Ok Here is the video. I am in class, so don’t be too critical.
If you really want to see what I did in higher quality download the Firmware.wmv from rapidshare instead of watching the youtube video


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