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Alright since I hate soundforge, and all the people trying to explain how to get Mp3 ringers on your phone… here is how I finally got it done.
This is for windows users.
You will need BitPim .62 for the LG VX6000 cell phone(LG Randomness), as well as a CD Ripping program called CDex, found at
Install CDex, and open it up.
Click on the Convert menu, and click where it says “Convert compressed audio files to WAV files”
Then Browse and find your Mp3.
Click convert, and make note of where the new .wav is saved.
Then use Sound Recorder (standard windows program — Start>Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder — ) to open up the .wav file, and crop the part of the song you want as a ringer.
Once the file is the size you want it, go to file and then save.
Use CDex once again to reverse the conversion — Click Convert and then click “Convert .wav files to compressed audio files”.
That’s all you need to do. Then just use BitPim .62 to add the file to your phone.

BitPim download: http://www.lg-phones.org/lg-cell-phone-accessories-bitpim.html

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