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We know the two Android devices, LG Ally and LG Shine Plus are very similar, not only the specs but also the appearance. Do you know the Physical difference between the two. Here we talk about the two devices. LG-Shine info

The LG Shine Plus is faster than the LG Ally. Which is unfair since I have the LG Ally, but got to live with it. The LG Shine Plus has 512MB RAM vs 180MB in the LG Ally, right, this is very important. Besides, the LG Shine Plus has better camera too, but the same amount of internal storage, it does support 32GB SD Cards vs the 16GB max on the Ally. After reading this post, I guess LG Ally users must be very disappointed with your LG Ally. LG-Ally info

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l;kjfda on 9 April, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

actually, you’re wrong. the sd card slot in the LG ally does support 32 gb cards. and 2nd, the lg shine isn’t faster. and 3rd of all, it’s not even made by lg themselves, it’s some off brand that makes it. the lg ally is actually the same exact phone besides the camera being different megapixels. that’s all.

Peter Iwasiuk on 31 December, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

I think the LG shine plus is a remarkable phone. The best thing about it is how greatly reliable it is. Not one gliche.I’ve had a couple of Samsung phones, and gliche is their middle name! The LG has every thing you need and nothing you don’t And is so reliable that it is very easy to take for granted. The great styling is next to none. Love this great and very fast phone!

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