Custom Roms for LG Optimus Slider

Here we list some custom roms download link for the LG Optimus Slider users, these all roms are all made by LG Optimus fans and some that are made specifically for the LG Optimus Slider.

Since the LG Optimus Slider custom ROMs are put in their own posts in forums, it means that there’s a place for questions about each ROM and any help if it’s needed.

1. Mobster Rom

2. AreaRomQ v1.5 in Red and Cyan:

3. EngdroidQ LGL55C:

4. CyanogenMod7:

5. Gelato 11-28:

LG Optimus Slider Custom Rom Installation Instructions:

  1. Backup your phone
  2. Download the ROM and place it on the root of your SD card
  3. Optional: download Ginger kernel for use with this ROM.
  4. Boot into your custom recovery
  5. Wipe cache
  6. wipe dalvik cache
  7. Install ROM
  8. Reboot

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