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LG Optimus Slider Custom Recovery:

  • It is very very important you read THIS LINK before continuing.
  • IMPORTANT – You will want to turn swype off for this portion, trust me. Open any field you normally type text into such as a text message and long press in the input field. A menu will ask you to select an input method, you want android.

1. On your computer, download Flash_Image.zip.
2. On your computer, Download VM701_recovery.img and Android Terminal Emulator from the market (free)
3. Connect your LG Optimus Slider to your computer using the USB cable, pull down notification status bar and select "mount storage" (or similar verbiage)
4. On your computer, using 7zip, winzip, winrar or whatever tool you want, take the file "flash_image" out of flash_image.zip that you downloaded in step 1, and place "flash_image" on the root of your phones SD card
IMPORTANT Do not just drag and drop flash_image.zip onto your sd card. The file you are moving is named flash_image, not flash_image.zip
5. Drag and drop VM701_recovery.img which you downloaded in step 2, onto the root of your SD card.
IMPORTANT This is a .img file so drag and drop it onto the SD. No need to use 7zip or any other tool to open it.
6. Unmount your SDcard from your PC and then you can unplug the LG Optimus Slider from the PC
7. Open android terminal emulator you downloaded above and type su [press enter] You should now have a popup asking you to grant the terminal superuser permission, select "always allow"
8. After granting permission you may now have a spacing issue in the emulator so please close it by doing Menu > Reset Term.
9. Reopen the emulator and proceed with the following ….
IMPORTANT – These lines are very specific. If you make a spelling mistake, you’ll get an error. If you miss a space, you’ll get an error. If you do not enter them EXACTLY as shown below, you’ll get an error. Period. If you get an error, you’ve made a mistake. Try retyping the line you got an error on.

—-press enter after each line—–
mount -o remount, rw /system
cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin
cd /system/bin
chmod 777 flash_image
flash_image recovery /sdcard/VM701_recovery.img
reboot recovery

You navigate the recovery as follows:

  1. Volume button up – Move cursor up
  2. Volume button down – Move cursor down
  3. Back button – Go back to the previous screen
  4. Camera button – select

Once you have a custom recovery, there are several options for accessing it including but not limited to:

  • Download an app from the market such as quick boot (free)
  • The old fashioned way of using ADB or terminal emulator (reboot recovery)
  • With the phone powered off, press and hold down the volume down button and the power button. Don’t release the button until you’re at the custom recovery.


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