Custom HTC Firmware for LG Arena

Because It’s going to be hard to port Android on the LG Arena, this FW is been created.

LG Arena – HTC Firmware: Based on ARENEW 1.1b (V10P_00 Ger)

Design: HTC Diamond/Hero

early Beta 0.1 [Release today or tomorrow]
Icons: 100% done
Backgrounds: 0% done
Dialpad: 100% done
Calculator: 0% done
Widgets Styles: 100% done (few corrections)
New Clock
Shortcut-Icons: 0% done
Startup Animation 100% done
Multitastik Icons 100% done
Shutdown animation 0% done

LG Arena HTC Firmware Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

arena-htc-firmware-3 arena-htc-firmware-2 arena-htc-firmware


I’ve flashed to this one. I like it so far! Everything (apps, messages, etc) stayed in my phone as well, did not perform a factory reset.

I like:  LG Cell Phone Software

  • new dialpad
  • menu icons – they are gray and only gallery and bluetooth are colored – it is strange.
  • I like also new font but it doesn’t support some words in my language and it is useless then

I don´t like:  LG-Arena info

  • New clock design – edge is rugged and i doesn’t seem professional and the widget doesn’t match to layout of other widgets.

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