Custom Boot Animation for LG Motion 4G


  • A rooted LG Motion 4G
  • A root file manager such as ROOT EXPLORER
  • Custom bootanimation of your choice


How to install the Custom Boot Animation for LG Motion 4G:

  1. Download and copy the zip file into /system/media and replace it with the stock one (remember to mount R/W)
  2. Rename the zip file to If the zip file has any other name plz rename it to "" , without quotes
  3. Long press
  4. Click permissions
  5. You will see 3×3 box with 9 ticks
  6. Tick everything under read(owner,group,others)
  7. Tick only the owner under write
  8. Leave rest of the boxes unticked


All files made by pl4life52, Very special thanks to him

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