Color Flashlight App for LG Ally

The Color Flashlight App is a software , which turns your LG Ally into a flashlight with selected color, brightness and visual effect. It does not use the LED light but it has many features for which I will probably have uses (more so if I was into the club scene perhaps?).  LG Android Phones

The Color Flashlight App sets brightness to 90% and goes to Flashlight described below. But that’s not all. You can edit "Color," "Brightness" and "Effect." Touch the screen to open/close the Menu. LG-Ally info

LG Ally Color Flashlight App Effect settings include:

Flashlight = Turns the screen one solid color and sets display to 90% brightness. Will return to color you set when exited and re-started. This is the default Effect when App is started.
Text = Displays text in your color choice with black background. Opens dialog box for easy text entry.
Emergency* = Flashes and alternates half the screen in any color. The other half is black.
Strobe* = Causes seizures in any color you want.
Blink* = Same as Text but blinks display.
Police* = Flashes and alternates half-screen Red on the left, Blue on the right. Touch speaker for siren on/off (cool and possibly a lifesaver).
Rainbow* = Flashes each color in sequence. Works like Strobe.
Scroll* = Same as Text but scrolls across screen.
Spiral* = You guessed it. A Hypnotism Tool?
Disco* = Fans beam-type lights in circle from center in random colors and direction. I guess it is supposed to be a Disco Ball.
Slide* = Flashed up to 4 Texts, like 1. Eat, 2. At, 3. Joe’s… This text is saved on re-start.
Candle = Shows lone flickering candle flame. Does not change color.

To Download the Color Flashlight App for your LG Ally:

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