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The CN Mode V2 custom rom for LG G Pro 2 is actually a Chinese Rom, but it has English and all the other languages. This Rom was designed to make your phone faster and easier to use and give you a little more space to run wild with android. Its also much faster than the stock ROM and all the Chinese apps can been removed.

Disclaimer: Make sure you backup ALL your data before doing this and its probably a good idea to do a full backup. I am not in ANY way responsible to ANY harm that comes to your phone. I have personally tested this ROM, works on the F350L/K/S and D838. All you need is a rooted device.

CN Mod V2 Custom Rom Features:

  • Based of latest D838 V10D firmware
  • Stock LG Boot logo. No SK Telecom, Olleh or U+ boot logos
  • Unbranded
  • No Korean text anywhere!
  • pre-rooted. Optimized rom for better (lower) memory use.
  • Speed tweaks.
  • Battery tweaks
  • Menu UI height reduced by 50%
  • No SMS limit
  • Removed Korean audio files.
  • Added Note 3 sound library.

CN Mod V2 Custom Rom Download:

How to install CN Mod V2 Custom Rom on LG G Pro 2

  1. To install download the 1.49GB rom file. Extract the files (you might need 7zip to extract or winrar) Move the system folder to the internal memory on your G Pro 2.
  2. Make sure you back up all internal memory files, they will be WIPED.
  3. Run the phone in Dev mode, connect the usb cable and run the bat file 第三步-系统线刷工具. Now connect with the usb connected run 第三步-系统线刷工具 F320X where X is your phone model. The same model number as your own phone. (This will push the modem and build.prop for your phones model. As per below. The phone will reboot. Then factory reset the phone. – DONE!
  4. If you get a phone f/c run a factory reset. It only happens if you forget to factory reset.
  5. The first flash the system will show errors as its flashing behind the scenes. It reboot and begin to finish flashing the new custom rom. It can take a while. Don’t power of the phone and flash only with a full battery. Otherwise you will soft brick, which is thankfully recoverable!


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