Here’s the guide on how to install the CM7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread on LG Optimus Pro. Hope you like this.

Here we go:

  1. Install ROM Manager, you can find it on Google market.
  2. Open ROM Manager choose ClockworkMod Flash Recovery ‘(axo be necessary to be wi-fi or any other active conecssao ClockworkMod to download)
  3. Choose your device (LG Optimus Pro)
  4. The recovery file is downloaded and will be installed (wait for a
    confirmation message saying CWM recovery flashed / installed
  5. Choose Restart in recovery!

If phone boots to a terminal / tasks like the screen with the option number that can be navigated (move up and down through the options) using the Vol Up and Vol Dn buttons and selected using the power button.

You have successfully installed the Recovery ClockworkMod!

Now go to the second part:

  1. Download the latest version – Here
  2. download the latest version of GAPPS to CyanogenMod7 – Here
  3. INSTALLATION CyanogenMododified
  4. In Rom Manager, install from SD card to build CyanogenModified. The phone will restart and it will install, after that you will have the rom up and running.
  5. Finally install the Google Apps CM7 provided on the site posted

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