CM10 Nightly JB Rom for LG Optimus L7

The CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies are now available for the LG Optimus L7. You can learn how to successfully install it on your device by reading the instructions that I have listed in this article. Make sure to read the entire post and if you want to test a brand new and bloatware-free ROM, then the CM10.1 Nightly build is your best choice.

This CM10 Nightly Jelly Bean rom works on both P700 and P705 versions of the LG Optimus L7. It works fine till now, some minor bugs, a bit unstable.

LG Optimus L7 CM10 Nightly JB Rom Download:

How to install CM10 Nightly JB Rom on LG Optimus L7

  1. Unlock bootloader (How to Unlock Bootloader on LG Optimus L7 )
  2. Installed CWM (CMW Custom Recovery for LG Optimus L7 )
  3. Enter into CWM -> mount & storage -> format /system
  4. Wipe data
  5. Installed V10k Firmware
  6. Installed CM10 and gapps


Q: Why do I keep getting status 7?
A: As already answered before you need to update CWM via ROM Manager

Q: Why doesn’t my sdcard work?
A: It works. Read pages 11,12,13.

Q: How do i update CWM via ROM Manager?
A: Install ROM Manager from Playstore and install recovery from it.

Q: Why doesn’t Chainfire 3D work?
A: Because it doesn’t work on Jellybean.

Q: I just flashed this ROM and don’t have signal. What to do?
A: Reboot phone. That should permanently fix it.

Q: I have no data connection. What to do?
A: Please configure your APN!

Q: I flashed GAPPS and now i get Android Keyboard (AOSP) Force Close. What to do?
A: You probably flashed 4.2.2 GAPPS. Please flash 4.1.2 GAPPS.

Q: Is this ROM stable and good and fuzzy and work or should I stick with stock (crap) ROM?
A: If you don’t know what you are doing stick with stock ROM. These are still early builds and despite being stable, you will probably encounter some bugs. See buglist.

Q: I flashed this on P708 and camera doesn’t work.
A: This ROM is only for P700/P705. Camera is different on P708(8mp).

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To compile an egg.


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