Clockworkmod Recovery Mode for LG Motion 4G

Here is Clockworkmod Recovery Mod for LG Motion 4G. It is the 2nd init mod for the device.

What it does:

  • Installs 2nd init recovery script at boot and with the sm widget just add the reboot recovery sh and boot into cwm with a widget. (once set up)

How it does it:

  • This is a modified version of wallpaper bin in /sbin. The script verifies morning call (so no errors) it then runs the 2nd init recovery tar while booting. Once the widget is installed, you will be able to reboot to cwm recovery without the use of the 2nd init app.

How to install:

  1. Download 2nd init mod zip file and place on external sd.
  2. Reboot to cwm recovery via the app (last time you need to do that)
  3. Once in recovery press home to mount external.
  4. Install zip from card and install
  5. Reboot.
  6. Using root explorer navigate to /system/xbin/2nd_init_mod
  7. Move wallpaper to /sbin and paste over original.
  8. Open script manager and browse as root.Then navigate to 2nd_init_mod folder and press on
  9. Press "su" and "save" and then exit.
  10. Go to home screen and add sm widget
  11. add widget and reboot normal.
  12. Profit! you have managed to do it!! You can now boot into cwm recovery at any time by widget.


Download the Clockworkmod Recovery Mod for LG Motion 4G:


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5 thoughts on “Clockworkmod Recovery Mode for LG Motion 4G”

  1. Wow nice info!

    It is a shame with all the
    screenshot thingys out
    there no one really uses
    them, when doing “How
    Don’t you think?

    Psst. this box is way to
    small to type only 6 words
    and out the box they go.
    There is 3 more inches
    to the LEFT of this box
    that is empty, why not
    use it? This box could
    be Twice the width. HUH?

  2. Adding comment. I didn’t
    really mean “no one” uses
    screenshots to show “noobs”
    How Tos. I mean that Androiders don’t use
    GUIs nor screenshots to help others. It’s kind of the the die hard Linux NO GUIs to install things in two or less that is out of the question. We have to do 20 steps, to install a recovery, and 2 widgets instead of clicking install apk?

    Android devs are the best in the OS building tweaking in the world, but NO GUI for to many phones for “recovery?”
    CWM Recovery and Rom Manager Pro are great but only work on a limited number of phones. Thats lacking.

    Psst. I didn’t expect you to leave that note on the box in the post. And now the “Phone List” vertical banner is in the way of this Text box.
    Well THX for the step by step, REALLY!

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