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Here is an unofficial Clockmorkmod (CWM) Recovery 6 made by artas182x on xda forum. This recovery is stable for use on LG Optimus L9 (for now tested P760 and P765).

What is working:

  1. Backup and Restore
  2. Installing zip
  3. ADB
  4. All partitions are mounted
  5. Internal SD Card fully working!
  6. Charging

What isn’t working:

  1. External and Internal SD USB Mount (can’t be fixed because recovery don’t allow to mount mtp)

Clockmorkmod (CWM) Recovery Download (

How to install Clockmorkmod (CWM) Recovery on LG Optimus L9:

  1. Download and Install apk
  2. Run L9 Recovery Installer
  3. Press Install/Update Recovery
  4. Press CWM (Install this!)
  5. Click Yes, Install Recovery
  6. Done

How to Boot to recovery:

Switch On phone with single power button and release it. When LG logo appears in a moment LEDS start blinking, quickly press and release Volume Down button, you will be now in CWM menu.

Video of installing and booting to recovery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCO_I2TgowE

How to uninstall the Clockmorkmod (CWM) Recovery from LG Optimus L9:

  1. Delete /system/bootstrap directory
  2. Delete /system/bin/e2fck
  3. Rename /system/bin/e2fck.bin to e2fck
  4. Done!

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