Change LG Versa Theme?

The original LG Versa Theme is crap, teriable color, I hate the yellow and i can’t stand yellow, it is just a mess. I have been trying to find a way to change the theme. I notice with bitpim there is a file that says verizon theme, but I cant find a file where any menu is held under bitpim. If someone has fixed it, please tell me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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10 thoughts on “Change LG Versa Theme?”

  1. Im working on this. I will post when I complete it. For now, any color requests?

  2. YES! any color would be fine, VersaHax. a pretty aqua blue, purple even black would be better than this nasty poopy mustard color .. so upset about this.

  3. Any of the above colors mentioned by Sarah would be a huge upgrade from the lame yellow. I hope you can get something done for this

  4. Hey guys, sorry its been so long. I am going to start on this asap. Probably a lot of you got rid of your versa by now, but if not, there is hope for a theme! I will be using bitpim. The problem is sorting out the different colors and what they go to. It will go faster if I have help, so contact me at

  5. Hey VersaHax, if you’re still working on this that would be awesome. This phone makes me want to throw up every time I open it and I just bought it. I might even just send it back it’s AWFUL!
    Thanks, also, I’d decent at computer shit but I have no idea how to change things in phones, but I may be able to help if you give me some pointers.

  6. I just bought my versa and i agree.. the yellow is puke worthy. I pulled the file to find the extension it uses belongs to a program called WebStudio. the .ows is a project file for this which would explain why the bitmap images point to no directory, they may be within the project itself.

    The theme is a widget based OS layout created by Obigo. Judging by the look of their site contacting them about it is futile because they dont look too outside developer friendly.

    Im downloading webstudio as we speak and will be testing this. If anyone else wants to to get the free 30-day trial.. Or find your own method (without mentioning any :P)

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