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This tutorial helps you write to the LG Xenon/GR500’s internal filesystem!


Credit: bhiga

The LG Xenon hacking allows such things as: LG-Xenon info

1. Replacing the Java security policy file (rogers.pol, att.pol, etc) to allow unsigned Java applications access to phone functions.
2. Some future hacks/mods, like we’ve seen for the Vu.

But first, A WARNING:
Messing around in your phone’s internal filesystem is NOT for the faint of heart.  You CAN screw things up pretty badly if you don’t know what you’re doing or you aren’t careful.  You could definitely render your phone inoperable, unbootable or worse.  And your carrier or vendor will be UNLIKELY to help you, if they know the problem is caused by you messing around in the system.

ALWAYS back up important data before doing anything, and always back up the original versions of any files you change or replace.

Since this involves ejecting/inserting the MicroSD card a lot, you should back up your MicroSD card content before proceeding – or better, use a the smallest/cheapest MicroSD card you have when doing this.  There is a possibility your MicroSD card may get corrupt/unreadable/damaged!

What YOU do with YOUR phone is entirely YOUR responsibility.  By following the instructions, you must agree to be responsible for your own actions (there’s far too little of this these days).


This method has been confirmed to work on:

  • AT&T-branded LG GR500/Xenon, firmware 1.0o

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I just wanted to report here that I was able to use the MyPhoneExplorer application designed for Sony Ericsson phones available at

It detected the LG modem driver with the USB cable but didn’t work, however using the toshiba bluetooth drivers with the LG Xenon connected as a serial com port it worked and I can browse and transfer the contacts and phone files & microsd and other functions via bluetooth, you probably could get it to work with other bluetooth drivers as long as serial port emulation is an available function. LG-Xenon info

However it looks the built in file browser cannot see the system files like you can do via the bluetooth obextool in linux. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Xenon Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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I Just found this tip on how to zoom in your LG Xenon’s camera and i thought i’d share it with people. If using your camera and you want to zoom, instead of only using the touch screen to zoom you can also use the volume rockers on the left side of the camera to zoom also. LG-Xenon info

  • up on the volume toggle zooms out
  • down on the volume toggle zooms in.

In order for your LG Xenon’s camera to zoom the resolution of the camera needs to be in 640×480 or lower. LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Xenon Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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