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LG Vu is one of the most popular phones out right now, and now Wirefly.com offers the LG Vu from AT&T includes a FREE Bluetooth Headset. The LG Vu features include a big 3″ Touch Screen display, virtual QWERTY keyboard, Live TV Capability, microSD card slot, full HTML web, 120mb internal memory, 2.0MP camera/video, Stereo Bluetooth, and voice driven menus. LG Cell phone news

Start here to Click on the color of your choice: Black or Red Wine

LG Vu phone photosLG Cell phone pictures


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Instructions: LG-Vu info
1. Install software listed above
2. Hook up phone (you MUST be in data service mode)
3. Launch BitPim
4. BitPim should show “Other CDMA phone on COMx” (where x is the COM port being used)
5. Choose Edit, Settings
6. Change Phone Type to “LG-VX8700” (this is the CDMA version Shine)
7. Click OK to close
8. Choose View, View Filesystem
9. Click the Filesystem icon
10. Click the expand button beside “/”
11. It will say “Retrieving” for a minute or two
12. Expand to the following directory: /LGAPP/Media/Java/cert

For Rogers:
13. right-click on the “cert” folder and select “New File …”
14. Select the “rogers.pol” file you downloaded, and overwrite the existing file
15. Disconnect and reboot the phone, you’re all set to go!

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Q: What does this(bypass java security) do?  LG-Vu info
A: It allows you to bypass the notifications when running 3rd party applications. (For rogers, it allows you to install 3rd party applications)

Q: Do I have to re-install all the applications that came with the phone?
A: No, you only have to re-install the ones you installed.

Q: Can doing this brick the LG Vu phone?
A: As long as you are following the instructions carefully, then no

Q: Is this bypass reversible? If I follow the instructions in reverse, do I get the default applications back?
A: The bypass is reversible. This “myth” of lost application was due to another thread – in fact no application is lost. One does have to reinstall his/her own applications (which is trivial, since you did it once already)

Q: Is it possible to bypass java security for a single application?
A: No but if you look at the file pointed at the instructions, you’ll find that its possible to select “categories” – for example one could only bypass security for internet usage only.

Q: Are there any side-effect from doing this hack?
A: Not really, just make sure you know what you are installing as doing this hack will allow ANY 3rd party applications to be installed (even some that may be harmful).

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Tested with LG Vu CU920 & CU915 and IT WORKS

PM me if after doing it, it still is a no show.

* Make sure your card is readable first (if you can access the files via more>memory card or audio/ringtones and play them, then you’re fine)

** This may or may not work with LG Vu TU915

*** These files were taken from a phone with the following software/firmware seen in the image.

No songs solution:


1) Download the mpFIX_updated.rar and extract it somewhere

2) Get phone into the gang image screen (see image 2). Turn off. Hold 4 buttons after turning on. Get into the phone directory via EFS (quicker). Don’t forget to BACKUP before doing any deleting.
3) Go to LGAPP>Media>DB

4) Delete the MTPDBCRC.bin file

5) Double click the SysDB folder (within DB folder) and replace–by replace, I mean delete first, then drag or copy over–5 files: CDB.vol, MetaDB.vol sdcard_CDB.vol, PBOOK_LOG.vol, and sdcard_sdcard_MetaDB.vol. Pretty much you are replacing all 5 files in the DB/SysDB folder. (It seems like both LG Vu CU920 and CU915 have the variations I spoke of prior)

6) Now get back to the LGAPP>Media folder again. Replace the entire Obigo folder (not the one under LGAPP. SO MAKE SURE. The folder has a sim file and an ids folder which leads to a storage folder) with the one in the fix (I have found some variations from the CU915 so this will get rid of the extra files)

7) Hit disconnect, yes for reset, unplug cable, pull out battery, put it back in, turn the phone on

8) Did it work? Go to your music player now and it should list all your songs. If not, see below.

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Step by Step: LG Vu – Deleting Factory Pictures/Ringtones/Videos

Factory Pictures LG-Vu info
1. Connect LG Vu to BitPim.
2. Go to “View” on BitPim menu and make sure “View Filesystem” is checked
3. Go to Filesystem in left menu
4. Expand Folder
5. Navigate to /LGAPP/Media/Images/Default
6. Delete to you heart’s content. Make sure though that if you have one of those pics set as a wallpaper you change it before you delete it or your phone will start looping on you. (I deleted the .keep picture in there, don’t really know why it is in there. Post any problems you have if you do delete it).

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Once you have a trouble with your USB Driver for the LG Vu CU920, you used your PC Suite but cannot get the LG Vu CU920 to connect via the USB, but as long as it fits in your phone it should work this is what I did to fix the problem…. LG-Vu info

First I downloaded IZARC, so I can use .rar or .iso files here http://www.download.com/IZArc/3000-2250_4-10072925.html?hhTest=1&tag=lst-1&cdlPid=10826781

Then, I downloaded LG PC Suite here
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FQJ4XKHY (After you download it, you’ll need to use izarc for the .rar file, then as well for the .iso file and you’ll be able to open it then)

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