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This LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Theme is based off of the iPhone 2.3 theme released by bmxer55. This LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Theme is also loosely based off of the HTC Pure phone, with B16redlined and sjla2kology101’s own twists. LG-Vu info

The original version of iPhonePure is needed to use iPhonePure v2.0. LG Cell Phone Software

LG Vu iPhonePure v2.0 Download Link: http://b16redlined.orgfree.com/Version%202.0.rar

Source: http://www.lg-vu.com/index.php?topic=18149.0

LG Vu Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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Adding Incoming TXT Messages Ringtones on LG Vu Instructions:
   1. Install software listed above
   2. Hook up phone
   3. Launch BitPim (if using EFS, skip to step 12)
   4. BitPim should show "Other CDMA phone on COMx" (where x is the COM port being used)
   5. Choose Edit, Settings
   6. Change Phone Type to "LG-VX8700" (this is the CDMA version Shine)
   7. Click OK to close
   8. Choose View, View Filesystem
   9. Click the Filesystem icon
  10. Click the expand button beside "/"
  11. It will say "Retrieving" for a minute or two
  12. Expand to the following directory: /LGAPP/Media/Midis/RingTone
  13. Add whatever MP3 ringtones you want by right-clicking on RingTone folder and selecting "New File …"

And a few final things to note:  LG-Vu info
    * You can also modify sounds in other folders but you can generally only replace existing ones (ie. the new files must have the same name)
    * There is still a size restriction of 300kB on the ringtone MP3s so you can’t use a full song
    * You can bypass the Java security restrictions by modifying the .pol files under /LGAPP/Media/Java/cert/

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For those who need to keep text messages for security/legal reasons here’s the tutorial on how to get a text messages screen shot (capture) on the LG Vu. You must ‘capture’ your text, which is then converted  to a picture, which is then saved in your pictures folder.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

You must be careful when you do this. Only follow these directions.  Once you get into the menu do not venture into the other menus, because i don’t know what they do and don’t want you to mess up your phone.  LG-Vu info

How to get a text messages screen shot (capture) on LG Vu Steps:

Enter these numbers on your LG Vu keypad (as if you’re making a phone call).
then select
#4 debug setting
then select
#3 Capture on/off
then select
yes (to turn on)
hit your hang up button to exit out of the menu.
then go to your messages and select one that you’d want to keep
click your camera button.
This will then capture your message as a picture.
now you must follow the same exact steps to TURN OFF the feature.
If you do not turn it off, you will only "screen capture" instead of taking pictures when you want to.

YOU MUST BE CAREFUL.  Again, I don’t know what all the other features do…and will not attempt to find out because I don’t want to screw up my phone.

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