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How to Flash LG Viewty

We’ve just seen a new software called “Flasher” that that helps noobs flash their LG Viewty phones without trying to search and make multiple topic/posts. This program is not meant to make the forum inactive so noobs can post whatever they want for help here. LG-Viewty info

It’s built in .Net Framework 2.0 so all windows support the program. It doesn’t have any virus.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

LG Viewty Flasher V1.1 Download:

It comes in a rar file which you need to extract in C:\Program Files\. Then just make a shortcut in your desktop from the file C:\Program Files\MGP\Easy Viewty Flasher\Easy Viewty Flasher.exe.

Credits for LGMDP goes to its makers.

LG Viewty Flasher V1.1 Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

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Latest LG Viewty Firmware Download

Here is the list of the most Latest Firmware for the LG Viewty KU990, choose the best one for yourself: LG-Viewty info

CAUTION: any time you update your LG Viewty KU990, you run the risk of bricking your phone, so don’t forget to backup your files before upgrading. Good luck! LG Cell phone Software

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LG Viewty Tips – Turning On the Radio Through the Speaker

You have to follow the following steps exactly every time you want to turn on the radio through the speaker on your LG Viewty. LG-Viewty info

Above all, go to the menu, settings, profiles, disconnect your head phones and power supply. Then click edit, scroll down till you get to touch type (click the + icon and select touch vibration. Then click the save button. Now exit out of this men by pressing the red button till u get to to the main menu. Now go to the phone icon at the bottom of the screen and enter 3845#*990#. LG Phone Problem and Solution

This should bring you to the secret menu scroll down till you get to fm radio test. You should hear static now plug your headphones in or power supply and press the > button till you find a station. Hope it is helpful, enjoy!

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iPhone Media Player for LG Viewty

Caution: Don’t forget to backup your original MMPlayer.pxo file before installing the iPhone media player on your LG ViewtyLG Cell Phone Software

How to install the iPhone media player on your LG Viewty Steps: LG-Viewty info
1. Rename "LGAPP" to "TOTO"
2. Go to TOTO->PXO
3. Copy the new MMPlayer.pxo to the directory
4. Rename "TOTO" back to "LGAPP"
5. Disconnect your LG Viewty. Enjoy!!

iPhone media player for LG KU990I:

iPhone media player for LG KU990:

Credit: Ferro65

LG Viewty iPhone media player Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

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Increasing media player volume on LG Viewty

Here is a tutorial on how to increase the LG Viewty’s media player volume for the headphones, this instruction is originally created by chrisdaniels. Hope it helps you! LG-Viewty info

1/ From the LG Viewty dial 3845#*990# to enter the service menu
2/ Go to 2 Device Test
3/ then 8 Sound
4/ then 7 Audio CAL Tool
5/ then 1 Audio Calibration
6/ 3 Change Sound DB
7/ Change snd_device_type to SND_STEREO_HEADSET_MEDIA (3rd one)
8/ Change snd_method_type to METHOD_MIDI
9/ Change Item_Title to rx_volume_db7(dec) (This is the Max Volume Setting, db0 is the lowest or silent)
10/ notice what it says in Get Data ? something like -1400 ? this is what we need to change.

Guide is: -50000 is silent.So therefore 0 (zero) should be full blast BUT this also increases the Bass so 0 would be very distorted. And a positive figure even more so.
I think the limit is around -500.

I currently have mine set to -500 and for the most part seems fine, but i am using Sony Ericsson walkman earphones which are decent quality. There maybe differences with other headsets.

To change click in the box for set data. Enter 500 and click OK. Then click the -(MINUS) button, and click OK to change it.

*** NOW, click the return arrow *** not C

11/ Finally click on Write Sound DB to EFS

Now use C to come to first Service menu and then press Red.

If you are already running media player at the volume level you just changed, you need to move down and then back up a level to hear the adjustment.

It maybe best to make a note of any figures you change so you can undo any mistakes.
Enjoy louder tunes on the move. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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How to Bypass 2gb Limitation On LG Viewty?

Hi guys.Here’s a little something I come up with.As we all know,the LG Viewty is capable to read/write in hdsd card.The drawback though,is that we have to fill the card with at least 2gs of data,correct?Well,not anymore!I have found a way to "trick" the card size calculator. LG Cell Phone Software

Credit: nemesis69

Here’s how to bypass 2bg limitation on LG Viewty

1) Download HugeSmallFile from here:Download Huge Small File 1.0 – Create fake huge files on a NTFS disk. (Don`t worry about the NTFS stuff,it works with FAT too). It doesn’t need installation,just unzip and run it. LG-Viewty info

2) Create a folder in your card named e.g "Dummy",you`ll need it to put the fake files you’ll create.

3) Run the program,name the file you want to create like e.g "my fake file".The program can create fake files at 4gbs max,so make as many as you need,according with the capacity of your card.Once the fakes created,check their attributes.You’ll see that the file size will be e.g 3,99 gb,BUT their size on the disk,is no more than 4 kb.So,what you need now,is simply transfer those fake files to your "Dummy" folder you’ve created in step 2. After that,check the piechart on your phone.You feed the phone with let`s say 2 files of 4 kb each,BUT the phone has been tricked.To be sure of that,try to take a photo.If you`ve tried it before that trick,most probably end up with the message:"External memory full,rolling back to internal",right?Well…not anymore.

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