Here we introduce an excellent tool for LG Thrill 4G, the “All-In-One” that is made by XDA member, OS_Hacking. This tool is based one on “fastboot” mod, it is a mode by it we can flash Recoveries , kernels & bootloaders

Functions of the “All-In-One” tool:

  1. GB Bootloaders (some people call it “Berni’s files”)
  2. GB RZ Recovery
  3. GB TWRP Recovery
  4. GB CWM Touch Recovery
  5. GB CWM Normal Recovery
  6. ICS Bootloaders (wkpark’s 1.25a Bootloaders)
  7. ICS TWRP Recovery
  8. ICS CWM Recovery
  9. ICS 4 Keys Fix Kernel

How to use the “All-In-One” tool to root LG Thrill 4G Android 4.0 ICS:

  1. Install omap drivers , download it from here: [mirror]
  2. Download the “All-In-One” tool: [Mirror]
  3. Launch “[All-In-One][P920].bat”
  4. Connect the phone without battery, when you connect it the tool will show a lot of details and give 5 seconds, in this 5 seconds insert battery immediately.
  5. Install the ICS Bootloaders (wkpark’s 1.25a Bootloaders)
  6. Install the ICS TWRP Recovery or ICS CWM Recovery
  7. Now you have your bootloader unlocked and recovery flashed.
  8. Download the and place it to the root of your SD card
  9. Reboot your phone to recovery and install the
  10. Congratulations! You are now rooted

My experience:

This tool really works on my LG Thrill 4G. Once you open the all-in-one tool and it says wait five seconds, count to five then put your battery back in. If you do it correctly it will vibrate when you insert it. If not, then restart the procedure. From here you can install the WKparks bootloaders and custom recovery. I installed the TWRP recovery manager, I like it way better than CWM. Easier to use IMO. After you install the recovery boot into it and make a backup. Install the Su_Bbox zip file on your SD card then boot back into recovery and install the zip. That’s it.


Credits to OS_Hacking


There is another way to root the device: (I haven’t tried it yet.)

1.- Download both files to the PC:

  • [Download]
  • Instalar Recovery ICS Europeo [Download]

2. Extract “Instalar Recovery ICS Europeo”, install the OMAP4430 drivers (you can find them in the folder)

a) Open device manager
b) Plug the device to pc by using usb cable without the battery,
c) You will see “omap4430 device” appearing and disappearing
d) As soon as you see it right click on it and chose proprieties
e) Click on the drivers tab and select update driver
f)Sselect the driver on the folder “usb_drv_windows” from the file you downloaded and install them
g) wait till it finish installing them

3. Now run the file “Instalar Recovery ICS Europeo.bat”, then

a) Connect the USB cable from the phone to the PC without the battery
b) Wait until the message “Wait 5-Seconds…”, then put the battery in.
c) Wait until installation is complete and you’ll see the green screen and the message.

Installed recovery!
Please remove the USB cable

d)Now you can disconnect the cable USB, remove the battery, return the battery, and boot the phone.

Follow the instructions and you will have CWM on the phone

4. Copy the “” file to memory (either internal or external SD card)

5. Boot into Clockwork Mod, shut the phone down all the way
a) hold down the 3D button, the VOL DOWN and POWER at the same time. (some say hit vol up but this didn’t work for me)
b) when the backlight comes on the screen, let go of the power and vol DOWN ONLY, keeping the 3D held down until you see the clockworkmod touch interface come up.
c) choose install zip from sdcard, find the file using the vol + and – keys.. then scroll down past the No’s to the YES and tap it on the screen.

Congratulations! Now you have a rooted ICS V30B.

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Those of you who are in the US and own a AT&T LG Thrill 4G should be happy to know that the Android 4.0 ICS V30B update is now rolling out for the device.

Unfortunately, there won’t be an over-the-air rollout in this case. To get ICS running on your AT&T LG Thrill 4G, you’ll need to either use the LG Mobile Support Tool or manually update via KDZ update tool.

Official Stock LG Thrill 4G Android 4.0 ICS V30B Firmware / ROM

How to update LG Thrill 4G to ICS V30B (LG Mobile Support):

  1. Download and install the LG Thrill 4G Drivers: Download
  2. Download and install the LG update tool: Download
  3. Remove your external SD card from your phone
  4. Plug your phone in(Choose Internet Connection Mode) and the update tool will check your phone. The "Start Updating" will turn red when the tool is done reading the phone.
  5. Click "Start Updating" and phone will update within 30-40 minutes.
  6. Finish updating.
  7. Now your LG Thrill 4G has Android 4.0 ICS V30B installed.

How to manually update LG Thrill 4G to ICS V30B (install the KDZ file)

How to root LG Thrill 4G with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

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Since there is no guide for how to flash / unbrick the LG Thrill 4G with a kdz firwmare / rom anywhere (quick google search yielded nothing), I decided to create one myself. There are tips and references for each step at the end of this post in case you get stuck, but if you read all the instructions and follow this procedure carefully, hopefully you won’t need them.

All things you will need:

  • USB Driver – [Download]
  • – [Download]
  • Shttps.rar– [Download] (your antivirus can show it as a virus or infection but after the process you can do a full system scan and there will be no virus in your system)

How to Flash / Unbrick LG Thrill 4G back to Stock:

  1. Download and install USB Driver
  2. Edit your hosts in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ ( you can use notepad for this) and add at the end ,
  3. Download shttps.rar unpack and run http.exe, a server status window will open “IGNORE IT BUT DONT CLOSE IT” and you will also see a SMALL SERVER icon in TASKBAR
  4. Right-click ON ICON and click on “Settings” >>> A “Configuration” Box will open, Then click on “HTTP” section >> Scroll down for a line “TCP/IP port for HTTP Server” and change Port value to “9002”. Click ok and minimize server window.
  5. Download and extract
    • Install B2CAppSetup.exe
    • Launch Windows Enabler.exe, and switch to the “ON” position( left click on icon)
    • Install the “msxml.msi” file
  6. Open Device Manager
    • Windows XP – Right Click “My Computer”, click the “Hardware” tab, and select “Device Manager”
    • Windows Vista/7 – In the Start Menu search bar, type “Device Manager” and select it at the top
    • Unplug your phone
    • Take out the battery
  7. Check Device Manager for the current active “COM Ports”
    • Boot into DOWNLOAD MODE
    • Plug the phone into the computer without the battery inserted
    • Hold [VOL UP + POWER]
    • Put the battery in and wait until it vibrates or for 3 seconds
    • Check Device Manager for a NEW “COM Port”
    • If there is not a new “COM Port”, restart Step 6
  8. Launch the “UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe” file, select your KDZ file.
  9. Set emeregency, 3gQCT, and press “NORMALL WEB UPGRADE TEST”
  10. Now “Read Phone Information” box will open with blank information, Just press “Upgrade Start”
  11. Now “Select country and language” small box will open Select “Different Country” and “English” and press “OK”.
  12. Now actual flashing will start, and if your KDZ file is good flashing will end without any issue.
  13. Congratulations! Your LG Thrill 4G should be flashed successfully now.

If your phone boots properly, ignore this.

Part 1: Booting into recovery
If your phone does not boot and you are stuck in a boot loop:

  1. Boot into RECVOERY MODE
  2. Hold [VOL DOWN + 3D]
  3. Press the POWER button until the phone vibrates

Part 2: Wiping data in recovery

  1. Use VOL DOWN to navigate to “wipe data/factory reset”
  2. Press the “3D” to select it
  3. Use VOL DOWN to navigate to “Yes”
  4. Press the “3D” to select it
  5. Restart the phone

Caution: Do this at your risk, I will not be responsible for any damage or brick on your phone. And good luck.

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