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As with most other Android phones, I root my LG Shine Plus using the Z4Root or the Universal Androot apps. Just go to Android Market for them. I used z4Root because it easily allows you to unroot as well.  LG Android Phones

That’s really simple and easy to root the LG Shine Plus.

  1. Open your LG Shine Plus
  2. Go to Android Market
  3. Download and install z4root by RyanZA (not the Chinese one)
  4. Run it and root your LG Shine Plus. LG-Optimus info

Basically rooting allows you to run software/hacks you normally couldn’t. That is to say you can rename or delete the system files, tether your phone to pc and etc. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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If you’re the owner of the midrange Android-powered TELUS LG Shine Plus in Canada, you’ll be very happy to know that Android 2.3 update for Gingerbread is coming in late September of this year, according to MobileSyrup. LG Android Phones

The LG Shine Plus would benefit from most of the improvements in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, including a performance boost, front camera support, fixes to SMS and Gmail, and some tweaks to the user interface.  LG Cell Phone Software

Stay tuned for details as we get closer to the update availability.

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We know the two Android devices, LG Ally and LG Shine Plus are very similar, not only the specs but also the appearance. Do you know the Physical difference between the two. Here we talk about the two devices. LG-Shine info

The LG Shine Plus is faster than the LG Ally. Which is unfair since I have the LG Ally, but got to live with it. The LG Shine Plus has 512MB RAM vs 180MB in the LG Ally, right, this is very important. Besides, the LG Shine Plus has better camera too, but the same amount of internal storage, it does support 32GB SD Cards vs the 16GB max on the Ally. After reading this post, I guess LG Ally users must be very disappointed with your LG Ally. LG-Ally info

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