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Since you may not open the LG Service Menu after updating your LG Revolution, Spectrum and Lucid 4G to the latest version. This is a tool that will help you open the LG Service Menu in an easy way.

LG Android Data Provisioning Download:

Version 1

  • Opens the LG Revolution Service Menu
  • On the Lucid and Spectrum it ONLY opens the Data Menu (Will release a fix for this)
  • Enjoy!

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First off Thanks to mtmichaelson, the Broken Out V2.0 rom is awesome. This rom is based off of the latest LG update to Gingerbread 2.3.6 ZV9. It is fully deodexed, and debloated.

Broken Out V2.0 Rom for LG Revolution VS910 Download:

How do I install the Broken Out V2.0 Rom on LG Revolution:

  1. Make sure your phone is running ZV8 or ZV9
  2. Make sure 4g is enabled.
  3. Download the rom and place it to the root of your SDcard
  4. Reboot your device to CWM recovery
  5. Make a Backup
  6. WIPE DATA!!!
  7. Install zip from sdcard, Select
  8. Reboot! (Do not wipe data after flashing!)
  9. To Block CIQ Logs Requires Reboot After Initial Boot

Broken Out V2.0 Changelog:

  1. Rom:
    • Updated to ZV9
    • Updated all Apps
    • Updated Super User and SU Binary
    • Sony Xperia S Theme
    • Replaced Calculator, Calender, and Email with CM7 Versions
    • Added a Modified Spare Parts DSP Manager and CM File Manager
    • Cleaned Up Browser Bookmarks
  2. Kernel:
    • Overclocked to 2.1 Ghz (Does not mean your phone can handle it)
    • Added Smoothass and Smartass2 Governors
    • Added SIO I/O Scheduler
    • Added 2 Way Call Recording
    • Many Other Speed Mods

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This All in One tool will allow you to root, unroot, install and uninstall CWM without any pre setup on your ZV8 & ZV9 LG Revolution. Super easy!

Caution: I am not responsible for anything that may or may not happen to your LG Revolution. By selecting any choice you are accepting your own fate!

Functions of the all-in-one tool:

  1. Root
  2. Root and CWM Recovery
  3. Un-Root
  4. Stock Recovery
  5. Un-Root and Stock Recovery
  6. Reboot Recovery

Make sure that USB Debugging is enabled, all drivers are installed, and that usb Internet Connection is selected in usb mode.


How to use the all-in-one tool:

  1. Download and extract the all-in-one tool
  2. Connect your phone to PC
  3. Run Me.bat
  4. Make a selection then press ENTER
  5. Wait until it’s done
  6. Enjoy.

Credits to Mark Once Again. Source

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