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Like the LG Arena, we can flash the LG GM750 Layla with the uptestex tool. It’s not complicated, if you do something wrong, I will not be responsible for any damages, all at your own risk.  LG-Layla info

Donwload the UpTestEX_1.0.4.8 and the windows enabler at the first post,


Do following steps:
1. install USB drivers
2. shutdown the LG GM750 Layla and remove the battery
3. connect the phone to your pc or laptop
4. wait a few minutes
5. disconnect form pc
6. insert battery
7. start phone
8. connect to pc
9. start WindowEnabler an set it to “on” (click on icon in the buttom bar of Windows (next to the clock))
10. start UpTestEx-Tool
11. enable each button/textfield with one “left-click” on each
12. select as “Select Type” “CDMA SmartPhone (WM)”
13. on the right side you have to fill in the information
(it should be equal to the following picture, but use the right name of firmware and the right type of product [see step 12])
14. click “start upgrade”

Hope this tutorial will help you, good luck!

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