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You may need to hard reset your LG Glimmer UX830 to make it work if you encounter difficulties in playing the phone. LG Phone Problem and Solution

Caution: Perform a hard reset on your LG Glimmer UX830. These steps will clear all data and settings off the device. Remember to always maintain a backup profile before hard reset or flash.  LG-Bliss info

How to reset your LG Glimmer UX830 to the factory default settings steps:

  1. Touch manual
  2. Touch setting
  3. Touch phone settings
  4. Touch security
  5. Enter the four-digit lock code.
  6. Touch 5 Touch Default Reset .
  7. Read the disclaimer and touch OK to continue.
  8. A message will pop up that says “User preference will be restored to factory default.”
  9. Touch Yes
  10. Follow the instructions to finish resetting you phone.

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Here’s the full flash to the LG Glimmer which I found on, posted by eric303. There is no password involved. Use it with LG Download 1.6. Make sure you select the DLL it came with. Flash the Bin file, then flash the SCR file and load PRL and its done. I think there is another one floating around here but it has a password. this one does not have a password.  LG-Glimmer info
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LG Glimmer Phone Pictures – LG Cell Phone Pictures


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The touch screen on my LG Glimmer has been real off. I’ve tried calibrating it with my finger and with the pen, but no matter how many times, it has the strangest problems. It’s impossible to text and impossible to navigate menus. LG-Glimmer info

Whenever I’m typing a text on my LG Glimmer, I can press anywhere and it will sometimes just hit the end button, the send button, or the back button. Sometimes the back button keeps held down even though I don’t have a single finger on the screen and it just deletes the entire text.

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