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LG eXpo Hard Reset

There seems to be some confusion on how to do a hard reset on the LG eXpo, and the manual is less than clear on the subject.  I have found that the following works every time to hard resetLG Phone Problem and Solution

To hard reset your LG eXpo do one of the following: LG-eXpo info

1) If you can get to the start menu:

  • Go to Start->Settings->System->Clear Storage, select Delete Internal Memory. 
  • When it warns that all settings will be deleted, say yes, and your device will be reset.

2) If you have gotten your LG eXpo into a state that you cannot get to the start memory:

  • Turn your device OFF, by holding the on/off button for about 5 sec.
  • Push and hold in this order, Volume Down->Multitask->End Call->Power ON
  • Continue to hold all four buttons down until the indicator light cycles Red/Green/Blue several times, and then goes to the LG welcome screen.

You will know you are successful when your LG eXpo starts with the Windows "Tap your screen to set up your windows device".

It goes without saying that when you hard reset you lose all your data and have to reinstall everything.

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How to Disable 3G and Select Bands on LG eXpo / IQ

If you don’t need 3G or you feel like nailing a specific band on your LG eXpo / IQ, try the following steps:  LG-eXpo info

  1. Dial 3845#*820# (LG eXpo), 3845#*825# (LG IQ)
  2. Choose Modem setting
  3. Choose Band Setting
  4. Select which you want

Disable 3G connection to GSM only will increase your LG eXpo / IQ phone’s battery life. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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How to Disable SMS Message Sent Notification on LG eXpo

Disable that preview pop up of SMS message on LG eXpo! It’s a nuisance. How? LG-eXpo info

The key’s are the same as HTC phones. To manually edit your registry you’ll need a program for that: Total Commander works great for me and my needs. However, LG was nice enough to provide a reg editor but doesn’t seem to be as user friendly. it’s called TascalRegEdit.exe and can be found in the /windows directory in registry navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\INBOX\SETTINGS\SMSNoSentMsg, change the value from 0 to 1. Reboot. LG Phone Problem and Solution

This will stop popping up preview of your SMS message on the LG eXpo. Enjoy!

Here’s another simple way to do that, to download the .cab file below and install it on your LG eXpo. That’s it, every easy, isn’t it?

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LG eXpo GW820 V10g Software Update

I have had my LG eXpo for about 5 months, I really love my LG eXpo, its a wonderful device! While searching the LG site in the US, they offers an software update to V10G. I think it the newest update for the LG eXpo, for my model its just V10D. I can not wait any more to install the update. Following is the tutorial. LG Cell Phone Software

LG GW820 eXpo Software Update Instruction: LG-eXpo info

Simple instructions for downloading the fix via ActiveSync from your PC to your phone.

Note: All user data will be erased. User data should be backed up prior to completing software update.

  1. Download GW820AT-01-V10g-310-410-APR-16-2010+0.exe
  2. Select Run
  3. Extracting Files
  4. Click "Start Update"
  5. Confirm personal data has been backed up
  6. Select OK. If USB driver has not been installed, a message will appear. Click "Install USB Driver". Once the USB Driver has been installed, this message will not show again.
  7. Analyzing PC Environment
  8. Download Update Program
  9. Update Software
  10. Software update Complete. "Click Exit"
  11. New software version is now installed.

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LG eXpo Framework 3.5 Download

Like the LG Incite or any other windows mobile phones, the LG eXpo equipped with framework 2.0. However, this is an older version, and the latest version is 3.5 or even the beta 3.7. Well you can download .Net 3.5 and install it to your LG eXpo from Microsoft. LG Cell Phone Software

To download the .Net 3.5 for your LG eXpo

How to install it? LG-eXpo info

  1. Hook up your LG eXpo to your computer via USB cable or bluetooth.
  2. Run the file you’ve downloaded on your computer.
  3. After the installation completed, go to your LG eXpo to set .Net 3.5 as the default because 2.0 is still set as the default.
  4. Now it’s done.

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Free Remote Desktop App for LG eXpo

Here I introduce you a good software, zaDesktop Terminal Server Client which enables you to remote desktop with windows XP and LG eXpo windows mobile phone. (haven’t tested on windows7). LG Cell Phone Software

Something you need pay attention to in when using the zaDesktop on your LG eXpo:

  • verified the computer name, user name, retrived the ip from network settings
  • Enabled port forwarding on your router to your pc. the port is usually 3389.
  • Opened port 3389 on your pc’s firewall
  • If you are on your local netowork then the address is yourlocalip:3389. I assume you knowb where to find yourlocalip of your pc
  • If you are not on your network then you should be using yourpublicip:3389

To download the Free Remote Desktop App for LG eXpo:

This application may work on other LG windows mobile phone like LG Incite, you could have a try, good luck. LG-eXpo info

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