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Although the tutorial about flashing an LG Cookie Fresh GS290 is now ubiquitous and free online. However, due to lacking of valid download addresses, people always can’t complete a flash on their phone. So I reloaded these files and share with you here. Hope this will help you.

All things you will need:

How to Flash LG Cookie Fresh Steps:

  1. Extract the flash tool, you will get “SETUP_GSMULTI_V30.exe” and “Install USB Driver and Set Mapping.ppt”
  2. Install GSMULti V3.0 and USBMap
  3. Plug your phone without battery, Windows will ask for driver, show driver from C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\INFINEON.
  4. Open USBMap from C:\GSMULTI, select INFINEON and click MAPPING START, reconnect the phone to usb cable without battery. Some info will show on PORT/KEYNAME, now SAVE & EXIT.
  5. Open GSMulti main software, go to Setting(s) > Configuration, select DLL and firmware on S/W box, select USB as communication then OK. Now click START on main software, when the software says Wait Phone Connecting..reconnect the cable. If flashing not start without battery just put the battery and slightly press power button.
  6. Enjoy!

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In this topic I would like to explain you how to install the Android theme on your LG Cookie Fresh. I know that this Android theme might not be the best theme for the LG Cookie Fresh GS290, but i think this isn’t a big problem, because everyone will understand me then. LG Cell Phone Software

How to install the Android theme on your LG Cookie Fresh Steps:

Download Gingerbread android.7z & extract the zip file.(TopMenu.dmf, Idle_keyLock.dmf & Power_off.gif). LG-Cookie Fresh info

  1. Open CUST_Theme file using Win Image.
  2. Replace the TopMenu.DMF file in \LGAPP\DMF\TopMenu folder.
  3. Replace the Idle_keyLock.dmf file in \LGAPP\DMF folder.
  4. Replace the Power_off.gif file in \LGAPP\Media\Images\Default images folder.
  5. Save the CUST_theme files.
  6. Upload the CUST_Theme file to your phone.

Please add your comments & suggestion.

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Open your LG Cookie Fresh GS290, go to Phone Settings then Reset. Type in code (usually 0000) and your done! WARNING: this will delete all the settings for Browser, so Internet will no longer work. If this method doesn’t work for you, try the following way. LG-Cookie Fresh info

How to do a Hard Reset on LG Cookie Fresh GS290

  1. Call 1809#*290# 
  2. Factory mode
  3. Factory reset and wait (because the phone is going to restart or turn off)

Every time you try to reset your phone, remember to backup your files and data first. Good luck.

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